There’s a lot of fear about what lies ahead, but this is the fear that the families we support experience daily. Mum’s are struggling to decide if they buy clean nappies for their baby or stock up on food while it’s available. What would you do?

We are all facing uncertainty that is unfolding around us but more than ever before, Baby Give Back needs your support.

Your gift can give hope to families desperate in this time.

  • $42 provides nappies, wipes and other hygiene items
  • $182 provides a cot and mattress giving a safe place to sleep
  • $550 provides all the essential items a new baby needs including nappies, car seat, cot and more
  • 1000 provides 10 crisis packs ready for delivery filled with all the essentials  such as nappies, wipes, formula, baby wash etc

With the difficult decision to close our warehouse from receiving donated goods, we are facing the fact that we won't have any stock left in a matter of days. This means we will have to close entirely and say no to those that need us most. 

We urgently need to raise $60,000 to ensure we are around to continue our mission of making sure every baby has a safe start to life.

Will you help today by making a donation for us to be able to purchase items through this difficult and challenging time? ​​​​​​​

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